Chavez Backs Syria’s Assad And ‘Legitimate Government’


Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has expressed his support for the “legitimate government in Syria” late Tuesday, just days after his reelection. Chavez said that he would continue to support the “legitimate government” led by the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, during his first press conference since his reelection.

“How not to support the government of President Bashar al-Assad since it is the legitimate government of Syria? Who to support? Terrorists, who want a transitional council, who kill people on all sides?” exclaimed the Venezuelan president.

“I do not know how it is that some European governments come together with the terrorists and do not recognize a legitimate government. We, of course, continue to support the legitimate government and advocate for peace in Syria,” he added.

Venezuelan President reiterated that what is happening in Syria, where an armed uprising attempt to overthrow President Assad was “a planned attack” as was also, according to him, the fall of Gaddafi in Libya. “The government of the United States is one of the most responsible for this disaster,” he said on the Syrian crisis.

In addition, Hugo Chavez welcomed the position of Russia and China, who have blocked three times in the UN Security Council draft resolution condemning the regime of President Assad.

An official from the Free Syrian Army (FSA) on Tuesday warned Hizbullah against military interference in Syria, threatening that any attack on Homs will lead to response in its stronghold in the southern suburbs of Beirut. The official in charge of the information within the FSA, Fahd Masri, said the pro-Iranian group “participates through its armed elements in the fighting and the suppression of the revolution in Syria.” “Hizbullah is deeply involved in the crime, the Syrian people will not forget those who infringe. We will consider them accountable,” he said.

“We warn Hizbullah against the continuation of its actions. We are able to teach (it) an unforgettable lesson in the heart of the southern suburbs. “We say to Hassan Nasrallah: we know how to reach you, you are not beyond the reach of our shots, you and your whole band,” said Masri.

The spokesman also said that the FSA “arrested 13 Hizbullah fighters with all their military equipment (…), it is neither pilgrims nor tourists or people visiting family. The fate of these men, in Homs countryside seems to me, depends on Hizbullah. It must withdraw its men from Syrian territory and stop violating our sovereignty. “

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