Key Weapon Support By US In Ukrainian Battlefield – OpEd


By White Mountain

Concerning weapon support provided by the United States on the Ukrainian battlefield, three key systems have reshaped the situation. These systems include the Javelin anti-tank missile, which, while seemingly ordinary, proved its worth during the early stages of the Kyiv campaign, becoming the weapon of choice for Ukrainian infantry units and significantly neutralizing the effectiveness of Russian armored forces. Furthermore, following the Israel-Arab wars, the application of anti-tank missiles reached new heights, with infantry employing them as proficiently as sniper rifles.

Next is the High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS). This system has often been misconstrued as similar to rocket systems produced by other countries, including China. However, HIMARS possesses two crucial capabilities: mobility that allows for rapid changes in firing positions, and precision enabled by satellite systems whose accuracy is unmatched by any other nation worldwide. These attributes made HIMARS a pivotal weapon in shifting the balance of the war. At a time when Ukrainian forces were under significant pressure from Russian troops, HIMARS’s precise strikes swiftly disrupted Russian logistical and command systems, nearly causing the Russian military to collapse. It is only under such a circumstance that Russia realized there was a distinction between long-range rocket systems, and HIMARS’ significance lay not in the rocket itself, but in the system as a whole.

Thirdly, there is the ATACMS tactical missile system. Ukraine had been requesting these tactical missiles for a considerable period, but U.S. President Joe Biden, for political reasons, has yet to grant approval for their transfer. If Biden decides to provide ATACMS tactical missiles to Ukraine in the future, they could play a substantial role in the winter war. ATACMS poses a clear threat to numerous targets within Russian territory. The Russian Black Sea Fleet might cease to exist, Crimea could be entirely cut off from mainland Russia, and Ukraine would establish a potential missile defense net, creating a balancing weapon mechanism and ensuring Ukraine’s security while serving as a significant tactical response tool.

All the weaponry provided by the U.S. military so far and prepared for future provision consists of standard or soon-to-be outdated equipment that is neither exorbitantly costly nor futuristic systems, nor are they cutting-edge gadgets seen in spy movies. These are merely ordinary equipment. Nevertheless, they have proven capable of inflicting lethal wounds on elite segments of the Russian military. This underscores the importance and value of generational leaps in combat. Most importantly, the difference in understanding modern warfare will determine the level of utilization of these weapons. Russia had not envisioned the utilization of weaponry in this manner.


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