Qatar PM: Gulf States Aren’t Immune From Revolts


The Qatari Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jabr Al-Thani, backed the capabilities of Egypt to get out of the current crisis, hoping that there will be a clear road map for this. Speaking to an Egyptian newspaper, he expressed his hope to see a swift return to normalcy in Egypt in order to re-establish stability.

Regarding the situation in Syria, the Qatari said: “We do not have personal disagreements with the Syrian leadership. We demand the reforms demanded by the Syrian people.” He stressed that his country did not interfere in Syrian affairs.

According to him, the Syrians do not raise weapons and all they are demanding is a dialogue in order to reach the desired reforms.

Regarding the Arab Spring in general he said, that the oil-rich Gulf States are not immune from the revolutions. ” My testimony is given as I am part of the regime of the Gulf states, but I can not say that these states are 100% immune. The truth is that the Council has always been flexible. The relationships between the ruler and the citizens in the region are different from country to country. The region is keen to maintain customs and traditions and to communicate better more between the top of the pyramid and its base. “

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