Iran Warns US Drones To Stay Away From Drill Zone


The Iranian Air Defense warned American UAVs not to approach the airspace of a military exercise in Iran’s southern areas.

As the Iranian Army staged a massive war game, codenamed Zolfaqar-1400, across the country’s southeastern coastal areas and naval zones, the Air Defense units detected American aircraft approaching the drill zone.

The Iranian Army said its forces have tracked the American MQ-9 and RQ-4 drones miles away from the drill zone.

As the US drones intended to enter the flight information region (FIR) and the air defense identification zone (ADIZ) in the Iranian airspace, they were tracked and given warnings by the Iranian Air Defense, the Army said.

Following the decisive warnings, the American drones, which had plans to gather information and approach the drill zone, changed their path and flew away from the Iranian air border, it added.

The joint military exercise ended on Tuesday morning with a naval parade involving various units of the Navy.

The war game covered an area of over one million square kilometers southeast of Iran, stretching from the eastern parts of the Strait of Hormuz to the northern parts of the Indian Ocean, down to the 10-degrees latitude, and parts of the Red Sea.

Troops serving in the Army’s infantry, armored units, mechanized regiments, Navy, Air Force, and Air Defense took part in the main stage of the exercise.

Tasnim News Agency

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