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World Confidence In UN ‘Shaken,’ Says King Abdullah


Saudi Arabia has slammed the Russian and Chinese veto of a UN resolution on Syria as an “unfavorable” move.

Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah said on Friday that world confidence in the United Nations had been shaken after the world body failed to adopt a resolution against the Syrian regime’s deadly crackdown on protests.

“We all used to take pride in the United Nations which used to bring us together and not divide us … but what took place does not augur well as world confidence in the United Nations has undoubtedly been shaken,” King Abdullah said in a televised speech.

“We are going through scary days and unfortunately what happened at the United Nations is absolutely regrettable,” the king said.

King Abdullah was alluding to the blocking by Russia and China last Saturday of a UN Security Council resolution condemning the crackdown by President Bashar Assad’s regime.

“No matter how powerful, countries cannot rule the whole world,” he said. “The world is ruled by brains, by justice, by morals and by fairness.”

Arab foreign ministers will discuss a proposal next week to send a joint UN-Arab mission to Syria, a senior Arab League official said on Thursday, after a solely Arab team failed to end President Bashar Al-Assad’s crackdown on protests.

Saudi Arabia and five other Gulf Arab states, as well as Jordan and Morocco, pulled their observers out last month after the mission failed to halt bloodshed.

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2 thoughts on “World Confidence In UN ‘Shaken,’ Says King Abdullah

  • February 11, 2012 at 4:02 pm

    Where were this KING when the US veto all the resolutions against Israel when they were killing the Palestinians. You Hippocrate.

  • February 11, 2012 at 7:38 pm

    If there is a country that has confidence in the UN, it must be the US alone and now with King Abdullah. They have both killed and maimed children and women all over the world in the name of UN. The empty warheads of Bush, Chenny and Ramsfeld are the persons who, I suppose in the mind of Adbduilla, made the UN a proud instrument of peace. He is so happy to be abused by the US against his own religion and its people. Shame Abdullah!


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