Amsterdam & Partners To Release Key Documents Relating To 2010 Bangkok Massacre – OpEd


May 19, 2015 will mark the 5th anniversary of the Bangkok Massacre when almost 100 unarmed Thai civilians were murdered on the streets of the Thai capital at the hands of the Thai Army during April-May 2010. May 19th also specifically marks the deaths of 6 innocent civilians who were shot and killed in 2010 at the Wat Pathum temple, a site which had been designated as a “safe-haven” by the same Abhisit Vejjajiva-led “Democrat” Party government which had given the Thai Army the very orders that led to the killings. Amongst the dead at Wat Pathum were medical workers and pro-democracy protesters with their deaths being ruled by a Thai court in August 2013 to have “resulted from bullets fired from the direction of the Thai Army”, none of whom have yet faced trial.

In recent weeks there has been a concerted attempt by the present Thai military dictatorship to deny the details of the Wat Pathum deaths and to re-write the entire history of the Bangkok Massacre, an event that tens of thousands of ordinary Thais personally witnessed.

The London-based law firm, Amsterdam & Partners – in an attempt to forestall this cover-up being perpetrated by the Thai military junta and their allies in Thai Democrat Party – will be releasing a number of key, legal documents in the next few days that will reveal that not only are those conducting the cover-up lying but that the Thai military junta is almost certainly hiding murderers in its own ranks.

In a statement, Mr Robert Amsterdam, lead counsel at Amsterdam & Partners LLP said:

“We are placing these documents in the public domain so that the Thai people can easily equip themselves with the tools necessary to debunk the dictatorship’s lies. It is essential that anyone interested in seeing justice in Thailand reads them and then draws their own conclusions not only regarding the murders at Wat Pathum but in regard to all the killings that occurred during the Bangkok Massacre of May 2010.

“Furthermore the Thai army and the Democrat Party should be under no illusions that the Thai people will hold them both to account for their actions and will expect justice to be served.”

Robert Amsterdam

Robert Amsterdam is an international lawyer and founding partner of the law firm Amsterdam & Peroff.

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