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Happy Mother’s Day: In Loving Memory Of My Mother – OpEd


One solitary night on October 22, 2015 while I was doing my Ph.D. in China and was desperately missing my mother (who unfortunately died a decade back), I started to write something regarding my mother on Facebook in an attempt to pay a tribute to this great soul. Let me share with you on this “Mother’s Day” as to how I started and how I was forced to stop without even finishing writing my thoughts for her on that very day.


An exceptional type of enthusiasm that is always being felt whenever I returned even after spending a few hours outside the home (although, for me this excitement lasted for a very short span in my life and is no more available to be adored after my mother’s death). The sole reason behind this enthusiasm was the firm belief in our mind that there is no one else but a mother who desperately waits all the time until her children return home.

This belief is injected through the mother’s love into the body and soul of her kid(s). However after her death, while returning even after spending years outside the home; but, the degree of excitement could never reach those heights which once were experienced when my mother was alive. Her sweet memories are still fresh in my mind and I still remember those good moments when I had to leave for university/hostel after spending my weekends at home. She used to say goodbye to me and kept watching me from the main gate of our house until I reach the corner of my home’s street and disappear from her eyes.

This act of my mother was always a bit embarrassing for me making me feel that she still treats me like a kid and on the contrary, I was considering myself to be a grown-up man being a university student. So, I kept on convincing her during all the six years of my university’s life to please say goodbye to me inside the home rather than watching me from the gate till I disappear from your sight. But, I failed to convince her and she failed to resist and change her way of saying goodbye to her son. 

Now, I wish someone to treat me the same way once again while saying me goodbye as I leave my home; but I am sure it would either remain an unsatisfied desire or a forced love extended by any of my family members just to fulfill my wish. No matter, one has a father, one has brothers and sisters, and one also has a wife and kids but no one could be able to fill her space and offer you the same degree of love and happiness. Furthermore, one with all his/her resources cannot be able to get back even a moment of that excitement and love which was available due to that very SOUL, and that too was unconditional all the time. Have you ever imagined that a mother is the only person who always remains at your side in all the Rights and wrongs of your LIFE?  In short, a mother always remains a sacred source of solace, security, and satisfaction for her kids and family.

Sorry I cannot write anymore as I don’t have much strength or energies to combine and extend my love and gratitude for that great SOUL. The laptop’s screen is getting blurred and I cannot see it properly due to the tears coming out of my eyes while writing these lines. 


May Her Soul Rest in Peace.

Dr. Abdul Latif

*Dr. Abdul Latif is working as an “Assistant Professor” at the Department of Management Sciences, Abbottabad University of Sciences and Technology (AUST) Pakistan, and has a decade- long experience in teaching and research at the university level. He earned his Ph.D. Degree from School of Management, Zhejiang University, China. He can be reached at [email protected]

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