Hamas Official Blasts US ‘Deal Of Century’


The representative of the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas in Tehran decried the US plan for a so-called “deal of the century”, saying the plot is aimed at “eliminating the issue of Palestine.”

Addressing a panel of experts in Tehran on Tuesday, Khaled Qadoumi voiced strong opposition to the American-initiated deal for ending conflicts in the occupied territories, saying what the US president has hailed as the deal of century is not an agreement at all, because it is unilateral and ignores the role of the Palestinian Authority.

The US president’s plan is actually a dictation of Zionist bullying policies to resolve the standoff in Palestinian with the use of force, Qadoumi deplored, saying the ultimate objective of the plan is to eliminate the issue of Palestine.

He also slammed US President Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner as a broker that is trying to clinch the deal, saying the proposed deal is too vague because the US has not provided any details of the plan.

In July 2018, Fatah Central Committee (FCC), chaired by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, said it “reasserts the Palestinian position rejecting any political deal, whether it was called deal of the century or the Gaza deal.”

It also underlined that “dubious projects aimed at liquidating the Palestinian cause will not pass and will be confronted and terminated by the steadfastness of our people and our leadership’s adherence to our national rights and sacrifices.”

The so-called deal of the century was proposed by Trump as part of plans to resolve decades of conflict between Palestine and the Israeli regime.

Back in June, Kushner toured the Middle East to discuss Trump’s plan.

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