Taliban Urges Pullout f Foreign Forces From Afghanistan


Afghan Taliban Spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid dismissed speculation on the possibility of a peace agreement in coming days, stressing that a total pullout of foreign forces from Afghanistan, including the US forces, is a precondition for any deal.

In an interview with Tasnim on Saturday, Mujahid denied reports that the Taliban might sign a peace agreement with the US in coming days, saying the efforts are still underway, although there are still disagreements with Washington.

The Afghan Taliban is committed not to pose a threat against the other countries, he underlined, stressing that all foreign forces must immediately leave Afghanistan, including all contractors and even the Western diplomats.

“The pullout of foreign forces from Afghanistan is a major condition for any possible agreement with the US, and the formal announcement of a timetable for the (US) exit (from Afghanistan) is a precondition for a possible deal with the US,” Mujahid underscored.

On the prospect a ceasefire in Afghanistan, the Taliban spokesman said the war will continue as long as the last foreign troop has not left the country and an Islamic establishment has not been established.

“Our purpose in the battle is to gain independence and strengthen the Islamic establishment in the country,” he added.

Mujahid also made it clear that intra-Afghan talks would not result in the establishment of an Islamic system under the shadow of the US occupation of Afghanistan.

As regards direct negotiations between the Taliban and the Afghan government, the spokesman said nothing has changed and the Kabul government cannot represent Afghans in the talks with the Taliban.

“The Afghan government can attend the intra-Afghan meeting only as one of the negotiating parties and put forward its ideas alongside the other political parties,” Mujahid added.

Asked about the Taliban’s stance on elections for a transition of power, the spokesman said the issue of election in an internal subject that the Taliban will discuss with the representatives of Afghan people and the political forces after a full withdrawal of foreign forces from the country.

“We reject any elections with the presence of foreign forces” in Afghanistan, Mujahid concluded.

The Taliban has already stressed the need for an agreement on a timetable for the pullout of American forces from Afghanistan, noting that holding elections in current circumstances would only legitimize the US occupation of Afghanistan.

Tasnim News Agency

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