Iran, Egypt Holding Oil Talks


Iran’s Oil Minister has announced that Tehran is negotiating potential oil deals with Cairo.

Oil Minister Rostam Ghassemi told ISNA: “We are negotiating with Egypt over the sale of petroleum,” but he did not provide any further details.

Iranian-Egyptian relations had been severed since 1979 following the Revolution in Iran and the adoption of the peace accord between Egypt and Israel. Mohammad Morsi’s trip to Iran for the NAM Summit in August was the first time an Egyptian leader visited Iran in more than 30 years.

Despite his visit, the Egyptian president has refrained from expressing a willingness to strengthen relations with Iran. At the summit, he spoke against the actions of the Beshar Assad regime in Syria, taking the opposite stance of the Iranian establishment, which has remained supportive of the Assad government during the past year and a half of violent unrest in that country.

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