Spain: Government Reiterates Opposition To Death Penalty


October 10 is World Day and, since 2007, European Day Against the Death Penalty. The Government of Spain reiterated Thursday its opposition to the death penalty on this 17th World Day.

There has been a global trend towards abolition for some decades now. At present, more than two thirds of countries do not enforce the death penalty, according to the Spanish government.

In a statement, the Spanish government said the fight against the death penalty will remain a priority of Spanish foreign policy, in conjunction with other European Union countries and the 22 countries that make up the Support Group of the International Commission against the Death Penalty.

The Government of Spain said it will continue to urge governments of retentionist States to limit cases in which it is applied and urge a moratorium with a view to its definitive abolition. And it will urge those countries that have presented draft laws to reinstate it to withdraw such draft laws and maintain abolition, thus respecting the absolute human right to life.

Spain took part in the 7th World Congress against the Death Penalty, held in Brussels in February this year. In December 2018, 121 member States of the United Nations voted in favor of the resolution of the General Assembly in favour of a moratorium. The government said it will continue to promote abolition at multilateral forums, particularly in its current role as a member of the Human Rights Council of the United Nations.

Spain will continue to support the International Commission against the Death Penalty, based in Madrid and founded in 2010 upon an initiative of the Government of Spain, as well as multilateral and civil society initiatives that are aimed towards universal abolition.

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