UK Defense Ministry Says Russia’s Wagner Group Controls Most Of Eastern Bakhmut


Over the last four days, Wagner Group forces have taken control of most of eastern part of the Donbas town of Bakhmut, Britain’s Defense Ministry said Saturday, adding that in the town center, the Bakhmutka River now marks the front line.

In a Defense Intelligence update, the Ministry said that Ukrainian forces hold the west of the town and have demolished key bridges over the river, which runs through north-south through a strip of open ground 200m-800m wide, between built up areas.

“With Ukrainian units able to fire from fortified buildings to the west, this area has become a killing zone, likely making it highly challenging for Wagner forces attempting to continue their frontal assault westwards,” the Defense Ministry said.

The Ukrainian force and their supply lines to the west remain vulnerable to the continued Russian attempts to outflank the defenders from the north and south, the Ministry continued.

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