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Algeria: Students Try To Reach Government Palace


Hundreds of Algerian university students on Tuesday broke the security cordon around the main square in downtown Algiers and go towards the Government Palace, which is located 2 kilometers from there. However, Algerian security forces stopped the march, according to AFP.

The students who belong to various universities, chanted their basic demand “Rashid Hawarbia, go!”, referring to the Algerian minister of higher education.


However, they also voiced political slogans such as “we are sick and tired of this regime.”

The police were able stop the students’ rally, while the students tried to find a new route to the presidential complex.

The protesting students did not belong to any student organization but to a new body called “The national independent coordinating body for students”, according to some participants in the protest.

Authorities have tightened security in all streets leading to the Presidential Palace.

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One thought on “Algeria: Students Try To Reach Government Palace

  • April 12, 2011 at 5:03 pm

    The desire to be free is universal. Algeria, like the rest of the Arab world, long to be free. We should welcome and support them as the try to reach this goal.


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