Whom To Blame For Current Economic Turmoil Of Iran? US Or Ruling Regime? – OpEd


Middle East Institute has scheduled a discussion on the energy sector of Iran and the title is “Iran’s Under-Developed Energy Sector, Faltering Economy, and the Looming Climate Crisis” on June 08, 2023.  

The opening lines are extremely anti Iran and its ruling regime, dominated by religious clerics. It says, “Iran’s combined oil and gas reserves are the largest of any country in the world. And yet the government has long failed to generate policies that would enable the country to benefit from its huge natural resources”.

A pertinent question is some of Iran’s oil and gas-exporting neighbors have invested much in preparing their economies for the post-hydrocarbon era. In this regard, how does Iran compare in regional and global contexts?

The reply is simply, the ruling clergy just can’t be held responsible for the present dismal state. On the contrary it may be said that Iran has survived over four decades of the US sanctions, equally supported by the European and even some of the Arab countries. 

Soon after the Islamic revolution, Iraq attacked Iran and the war continued for about a decade. President of Iraq, Saddam Hussein was a US tout, but when he became redundant, the US attacked Iraq and ultimately he was hanged. 

To topple Saddam, the United States raised a hoax call that Iraq was busy in manufacturing weapons of mass destruction (WMD), British Prime Minister toed this line to mobilize opinion to support attack on Iraq. Even after two decades Iraq is still inferno.

The best efforts were made by the United States and its allies to destroy oil and gas infrastructure of Iran and Iraq, to push the two largest oil exporting countries out of oil and gas business. The latest targets are Venezuela and Russia, two of the other large oil exporting countries.

The world must salute the brave Iranians for enduring more than 10 years long war and more than four decades of economic sanction.

To put the record straight, the world must commend Iran rather than maligning the rulers for the dismal economy of the country. 

Shabbir H. Kazmi

Shabbir H. Kazmi is an economic analyst from Pakistan. He has been writing for local and foreign publications for about quarter of a century. He maintains the blog ‘Geo Politics in South Asia and MENA’. He can be contacted at [email protected]

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