Hezbollah Leader Vows To Continue Fighting In Syria


Hezbollah chief Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah Wednesday vowed to keep an eye on Israel and Lebanon’s southern border, while still being involved in the Syrian conflict.

“The Islamic Resistance in Lebanon will not lose sight of the southern border in fighting Israel… the resistance will also not lose sight of the eastern borders in the Bekaa Valley to fight the takfiri enemy, and we will continue being present in Syria to defend the region’s issues and peoples,” Nasrallah addressed crowds of supporters observing Ashoura at Al-Raya Stadium in the southern suburbs of Beirut.

This was Nasrallah’s second public appearance this week, after he surprised supporters last night by giving a speech at the Sayyed al-Shouhadaa complex.

The Hezbollah leader warned of attempts to destroy the group by choking it financially through U.S. imposed sanctions, but promised to continue protecting Lebanon’s borders and the region.

“They want us to sit in our homes so that Daesh can come to us and the Americans and Saudis can destroy the entire region as they are doing in Syria and Yemen,” Nasrallah said.

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