Iran: Blast At Ammunition Storage Depot Kills 15


ran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) announced that the blast that shook Tehran originated at one of its ammunition depots in the city’s western outskirts.

The Fars news agency quoted Revolutionary Guards saying an explosion occurred today around noon in one of the IRGC’s ammunition storage depots.

General Ramazan Sharif announced that 15 people were killed in the incident and an unspecified number of others were injured, with some in critical condition.

Sharif maintained that the explosion occurred when the ammunition was being moved around.

Iranian MP Esmail Kosari, who is also a former IRGC commander, told Khabar-on-line that “the rumours of sabotage were not true” and that the National Security Commission will review the cause of the blast tomorrow.

The sound of the blast, which occurred in the western outskirts, was reportedly heard across the city.

The windows of several buildings were shattered in Shahriar, a Western suburb of Tehran, which alarmed residents.

The Shahriar MP reported that experts are on site investigating the cause of the explosion.

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