Iran: Raisi Says Plans Devised To Address Water Shortage


Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi said his administration has formulated a series of short- and long-term plans to cope with the water shortage emergency in the country.

In a meeting with a group of lawmakers on Thursday, Raisi said the administration has considered plans and measures in the short and long terms to allay concerns about the water crisis.

He said two plans to deal with the water shortage problem in the short term are the fair distribution of the existing water resources and take advantage of the deep water resources.

“No solution for the troubles relating to the water shortage will be ignored,” the president noted.

In remarks in July, Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei had called on officials to address problems regarding water shortage which caused protests in the southwestern province of Khuzestan.

“Over the past seven or eight days, one of our concerns has been the issue of Khuzestan and the people’s problems related to the shortage of water. It is truly painful for one to witness that despite the loyal people in Khuzestan, its natural resources and potential, and the many factories existing in that province, things have reached a point in that province where the people have become dissatisfied and displeased,” the Leader stated.

Tasnim News Agency

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