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Syrian MP Rules Out Possibility Of US Attack


A Syrian lawmaker dismissed the possibility of an American military strike on his country, stressing, though, that the Syrian nation will maintain its solidarity even if US President Donald Trump carries out the threat of military action.


In an interview with Tasnim on Thursday, Nashaat al-Atrash slammed the allegations of Syria’s involvement in a recent gas attack on civilians as a “US-fabricated lie.”

The recent military victories that the Syrian army gained in Douma and elsewhere in Eastern Ghouta are the main reason behind Trump’s move to escalate tensions and mount pressure on the Syrian government and nation, he added.

Former US president, Barack Obama, had also threatened to take military action against Syria, but did not carry out his threat, keeping in mind the Syrian nation’s solidarity against American plans, Atrash added.

“I don’t think that Trump would attack Syria,” the MP said, underlining that even if he does, it could not undermine the Syrian nation’s resolve or disrupt the rapport among the people, the army and the government.

The lawmaker finally predicted a “firm response” from Syria’s allies to any military offensive under the pretext of gas attacks in the Arab country.


His comments came amid reports of a looming US military attack on Syria in response to the alleged use of chemical weapons by Damascus, which the Syrian government vehemently denies.

The Syrian army has put its forces on high alert after the US threat.

A number of Washington’s Western allies and even Saudi Arabia have also said they would join a military action against Syria.

The Russian military, which has troops in Syria, said on Monday that its officers had visited the site of the alleged attack and found no evidence to back up reports of poison gas being used.

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