Spokesman Derides Pompeo’s Allegations Against Iran Embassies


Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman dismissed as unfounded and ridiculous the recent remarks by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo accusing Iran of using its embassies for destructive activities.

Bahram Qassemi on Wednesday said accusations raised by Pompeo are part of the US’ wilful psychological wars against Iranian embassies in the world.

“The embassies of the Islamic Republic operate within the international conventions and based on reciprocal relations with the host countries and endeavor to expand Tehran’s friendly and bilateral relations with them,” he added.

Qassemi also stressed that levelling accusations against the Islamic Republic of Iran over its diplomatic activities is part of a new attempt by the US to undermine Iran’s relations with other countries, the Foreign Ministry’s official website reported.

The contemporary history is replete with illegal measures and violations of the international law by the US embassies in the world, the spokesman deplored, saying US embassies have been interfering in the internal affairs of the host countries and sabotaging their relations with the outside world.

Pompeo makes the baseless accusations against Iran as there is strong evidence, provided by various sources, that US embassies in different countries are engaged in espionage and destructive measures, Qassemi said, adding that hundreds of military and security personnel are operating under a diplomatic guise in American embassies around teh world.

His comments came after Pompeo on Tuesday accused Iran of using its embassies to plot what he called terrorist attacks in Europe.

Tasnim News Agency

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