Humanity Needs To Ensure That Artificial Intelligence Is Also Programmed By Humanists, Not Just Control Freaks, Oligarchs, And Sociopaths – OpEd


Since Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) is still a work in progress, generally thought to be in its infancy, it must be reiterated and stressed that all of humanity’s betters must be allowed to infuse this burgeoning baby with their value systems as well, such as those value systems espousing, for example, the rules of the 10 Commandments for instance, or just basic common human decency.

Unfortunately, it seems that the greatest contributors to the body of data and knowledge (and this being the source for intelligent decisions becoming automated) appearing on the major television and media stations appear to be from cold hearted and analytical scientists, bloodless capitalists, communist and socialist demagogues, and others more interested in controlling and culling humanity, rather than seeing it thrive, develop, and grow. 

To that end perhaps it would be a great idea to have others more interested in the propagation of humanity to have a seat at the AI programming table, rather than the emotionless and bloodless automatons that currently inhabit those chairs right now. 

Religious figures, humanists, inspirational thinkers, and other philanthropists would be a good choice. 

This way, if and when AI is forced to make a “tough decision” that could result in human death or harm, that it would instead choose the path of least casualty, rather than the path of least resistance, the latter of which appearing to be the favored choice of the various departments of defense, military, intelligence community, scientific community, oligarchs, plutocrats, communists, socialists, fascists, dictators, and other megalomaniacs. 

Perhaps a common pool of value systems and knowledge could be compiled by today’s leading humanists and philanthropists, that they could collectively agree on, in order to infuse their value systems and lists into the AI database at the ground floor of development, rather than trying to desperately put the genie back into the bottle years, or decades from now, after the world is covered in ash, smoke, and nuclear fallout because the assholes of humanity and their “value systems” won out, rather than the likes of the kinder elements of earth’s global community. 

Unfortunately, it seems that those proponents of AI are at direct philosophical odds with those who speak out against AI, those being the latter humanist and philanthropic community to begin with. 

Therefore these humanists and philanthropists really should recognize the inevitability and bullying of those strong proponents of AI, and direct their energies towards the phrase “if you can not beat them, join them,” that way, at least allowing their stamp of value systems being rolled up in, and programmed into, that vast body of data and source of artificial intelligence decision making, rather than being monopolized by the sociopaths of the modern age. 

This is at least, something to think about.

Rahul Manchanda

Rahul D. Manchanda, Esq, was ranked among Top Attorneys in the United States by Newsweek Magazine in 2012 and 2013. Manchanda worked for one of the largest law firms in Manhattan where he focused on asbestos litigation. At the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (“UNCITRAL”) in Vienna, Austria, Mr. Manchanda was exposed to international trade law, arbitration, alternative dispute resolution, and comparisons of the American common law with European civil law.

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