Israel Re-Mining Border Areas Close To Syria


The Israeli military has recently started planting new landmines along the armistice line in the Golan Heights between north Israel and Syria, according to press reports from Israel said Saturday.

In its latest edition, the Israeli army’s weekly magazine Ba’mahaneh reported that the move aimed to prevent Syrian and Palestinian protesters from attempting to storm the border lines.

The old mines failed to explode when the Palestinian and Syrian sympathizers crossed the borders into Golan in mid May, according to the report.

The Israeli army announced a few days ago that it will deploy more troops along the northern borders with Syria and the northwestern borders with Lebanon in order to rebuff any mass incursion into Israel.

The Palestinian exiles in Syria announced plans to organize demonstrations in September to back their leader’s bid for UN recognition of Palestinian statehood.

In mid May the Israeli army killed some 20 Palestinian and Syrian protesters who tried to cross the borders into the occupied Golan Heights to mark the “Nakba” (catastrophe) Day for the Palestinians who were displaced upon the creation of Israel on June 15, 1948.


KUNA is the Kuwait News Agency

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