France: IAEA Leads Operational Safety Mission To Gravelines Nuclear Power Plant


An IAEA-led international team of experts Monday began an in-depth operational safety review of the Gravelines Nuclear Power Plant in France.

The review, conducted at the invitation of the French government, focuses on programmes and activities essential to the safe operation of the nuclear power plant.

The three-week review will cover the areas of Management, Organization and Administration; Training and Qualification; Operations; Maintenance; Technical Support; Operating Experience; Radiation Protection; Chemistry; Emergency Planning and Preparedness; and Severe Accident Management.


The conclusions of the review will be based on the IAEA Safety Standards and on well-established international good practices.

The mission is not a regulatory inspection, a design review or a substitute for an exhaustive assessment of the plant’s overall safety status.

The Gravelines mission is the 173rd conducted as part of the IAEA’s Operational Safety Review Team programme, which began in 1982. France participates actively in the programme and the Gravelines mission is the 24th hosted by the country.

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