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Time’s Up For Feminist Fads, It’s Time For #NotMe – OpEd


By Holly Ashe*

I gave myself a well-earned few days off, turned 30, and then decided to see how the world has changed on Twitter. To my dismay, within 5 minutes of Golden Globes, I realised, that the intersectional feminist movement had made me want to be more of a misogynist every second I scrolled.

The Golden Globes predictably fuelled a pretty pathetic fire and like moths to a flame, any narrow-minded female ‘feminist’ followed idiotically, without research, free thought, or caution. You play with fire, you get burnt. I shudder to think the endgame when this fad will soon tire out, innocent men will get accused, lives will be ruined and the reputation of strong women will once again be tarnished by misandrists and one track liberal lefties.

As “times up” sprawled on the red carpet, and celebrities draped in black to show their solidarity against sexual harassment (the dresses were the best thing about the whole night if I’m absolutely honest, the fashion designer in me leap out in joy seeing my favourite colour finally be worn, and my eyes were able to rest from horrendous pink fluff and green disasters they usually waltz around in) what’s not to love? Well, quite a lot actually. Let me elaborate.

Obviously, like any sane individual, I am absolutely against sexual harassment, abuse, and rape; this should go without saying, but you would be surprised what one gets accused of when your opinion is not the same as Libby Lefty. But the damage this movement is having on not only men’s lives, but on our court systems, our prosecution process and free speech may be irreversible.

Despite the word ‘alleged’ appearing before every accusation, people are instantly taking every headline and every woman’s word as law, no judge or jury, just a public executioner of the accused’s careers, family’s lives and any other part of their life’s that is in reach.

228 years of jurisprudence in America, being thrown out of the window by actors, actresses, singers and keyboard warriors, all for the name of “equality” and “feminism”. This would be laughable if it wasn’t so bloodcurdlingly hurtful. The system isn’t perfect, and of course, I am not stating that people who have committed these crimes do not deserve punishment, but that doesn’t mean there needn’t be a fair trial first.

These accusations could ruin your father, your brother, your partner or your son, without proof, based on sheer hysteria. Not all men are sexual assailants, not all men want to attack you, not all men are guilty, and there’s no systemic sexism or patriarchy, in the West at least. In a day and age where the line has blurred beyond recognition with what constitutes as sexual harassment and assault, the rich and famous are virtue signalling to gain more attention, and feminists are using it to support a cause that is only followed by misinformed sheep.

Americans and Brits are a fundamentally unserious bunch. Now that Oprah Winfrey should run for president in 2020 after her “incredible” speech at an award ceremony, the seriousness the public are taking these entertainers just highlights how fame obsessed people actually are, just because she’s a woman, despite her horrific past pseudoscientific record.

You know why overwhelming women from Middle America voted for Trump? This is why.

There’s always a disproportionate backlash, and the next one is coming.

About the author:
*Holly Ashe is a London based fashion and culture writer. She was previously published in Vogue International as a fashion designer and a start-up business entrepreneur. Her previous publications can be found here. You can follow her on twitter @hollyroseashe.

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One thought on “Time’s Up For Feminist Fads, It’s Time For #NotMe – OpEd

  • January 14, 2018 at 12:56 pm

    thank you for your courage to do that – the majority of men are still brought up by a confident and decent mother who is fully aware of what good manners are and how to teach her son about respect … :-)


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