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Syria: Al-Arabi Calls For International Probe Into ‘Massacres’


The Secretary General of the Arab League, Nabil Al-Arabi called on Tuesday to open an impartial international investigation into crimes committed against civilians in Syria.


“The horrible crimes committed against innocent civilians in Homs, Idleb and in different parts of Syria, including acts of murder and physical liquidation of families, children, elderly and women are regarded as a crime against humanity,” said the head of the pan-Arab organization in a statement.

He stressed that in moral and humanitarian terms, it is imperative to denounce the perpetrators, calling for the “opening of an impartial international investigation to reveal the truth of the facts and those responsible for these crimes”

Al-Arabi recalled the decisions of the Ministerial Council of the Arab League, including one adopted last Saturday and has denounced the gross violations of human rights in Syria and called for prosecuting the perpetrators. On Monday, some 50 charred bodies of women and children with their throats cut or stabbed were discovered in Homs

Meanwhile, parliamentary elections in Syria are scheduled to be held on May 7. A decree has been signed by President Bashar Assad, reported Reuters. This election is another step taken by the Syrian government in the direction of reforms, official sources conveyed.

A referendum on a new constitution was held on February 27 and resulted in a massive approval. It abolished the dominant role of the ruling Baath party and the allowed the establishment of a multiparty system in Syrian politics.


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