Criticizing Neoconservatives And The Deep State Is Anti-Semitic? – OpEd


Kevin D. Williamson’s Sunday National Review editorial “Word Games” may lead readers to believe that people who criticize neoconservatives or the deep state are presenting anti-Semitic arguments or are anti-Semitic.

The editorial does not conclude that all people who present such criticisms are anti-Semitic. But, a take-away for some readers will be that challenging the deep state or neoconservatives indicates a person is likely, or should be assumed to be, anti-Semitic.

People who have read Williamson’s editorial may further their education regarding neoconservatism and the deep state by looking to some of the plentiful anti-Semitism-free criticisms of neoconservatism and the deep state.

In particular, they can read Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity (RPI) Chairman Ron Paul’s July of 2003 United States House of Representatives floor speech “Neo-Conned” and watch Paul and RPI Executive Director Daniel McAdams’ February of 2016 Ron Paul Liberty Report interview with The Deep State: The Fall of the Constitution and the Rise of a Shadow Government author Mike Lofgren.

This article was published by RonPaul Institute.

Adam Dick

Adam Dick is a Senior Fellow at Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity

One thought on “Criticizing Neoconservatives And The Deep State Is Anti-Semitic? – OpEd

  • March 14, 2017 at 11:47 am

    Sure, it is healthy to be anti Semitics: who these Semitics or neo-cons?
    Semitics are the masters and neo-cons are the soldiers, living eating the crumbs fed by Semitics–right?
    It is OK to lump these groups together as “war mongers”.


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