Japan Training Squadron Expected In Seychelles From June 17


By Alisa Uzice

The Japan Training Squadron, JS Kashima and JS Shimakaze of the Japan Maritime Self-Defence Force, will make a friendly port call at Victoria in Seychelles from June 17 to 20 as part of its overseas training and promotion of friendship and goodwill.

In a press conference on Wednesday,  the Japanese counsellor and chargé d’affaires, Ono Tomoyuki, said that the visit is part of a larger training cruise visit that started in May 2024 and is expected to end in November this year. The vessels will visit different countries over a total of 35,000 nautical miles.

“Their last port call was Brunei at Muara port and now the ships will come here in Victoria next week. The Commander of the training squadron is Real Admiral Nishiyama Takahiro. The ships are composed of 570 people of which 330 are crew members and 190 are trainees,” he said.

“These visits are meant to give the trainees hands-on training to acquire basic knowledge and skills required for their service. They develop their global awareness through the joint exercise and other activities,” added Tomoyuki.

The second secretary from the Embassy of Japan, Ishizu Tomotaka, said the training squadron will be in Seychelles for about four days and will participate in several activities.

“The squadron will be entering the port in the morning of the 17th of June, so we will have a welcome event joined by Japanese nationals and residents. We also have the School for the Deaf that we financially supported in the past and some students will be joining the occasion. Of course, the Seychelles Coast Guard and the Ports Authority will also be joining us on that day we have a reception for dignitaries and also Seychelles Defence Forces in the evening, which is a closed session this time,” Tomotaka.

He said on June 18, there will be an open day and the ships will be open to the public from 10 am to 11.30 am.

“Thanks to the support of the National Celebrations Committee, our Commander will be attending the flag-raising ceremony in the morning. On the 19th we will have public events; a musical performance starting with our Japanese drums and martial arts demonstrations, kendo and judo, joined by Seychelles Judo Federation. So, it’s kind of a cultural exchange programme. The last item is our brass band concert which will be held at the National Museum,” said Tomotaka.

He added that the trainees on board the squadron will be separated into groups and visit different facilities such as the Seychelles Defence Forces.

This is the second visit of a Japanese Training Squadron to Seychelles. The first one was in August 2012.

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