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Poland Finance Minister Warns Of EU Breakup


Polish Finance Minister Jacek Rostowski whose country holds the current EU Presidency painted a bleak picture Wednesday of the situation in the 27-member European bloc.


“At all cost we must rescue Europe. We should do all at our disposal in order to save the eurozone and by consequence Europe. For it goes without saying that if the eurozone were to collapse the EU won’t survive for much longer,” Rostowski told the European Parliament during a debate on the economic crisis in Europe.

He called on the European Parliament to adopt as soon as possible the legislative package on economic governance that is currently being negotiated with the EU member states.

On his part, leader of Liberals and ex-Belgian Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt said, “let’s not make the mistake of calling this a Greek crisis.”

“Greece may have been the trigger but this is a deep crisis for the eurozone itself because of the absence of economic and fiscal union alongside monetary union and the lack of true economic governance,” he said.



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