Gaddafi Son Arrested


The spokesman for the Libyan military Tariq Zebo on Thursday confirmed the arrest of Mu’tasim the son of ousted leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. Earlier, a senior official in the Transitional National Council has announced the arrest of Mu’tasim Gaddafi in Sirte.

The official Karim Bizamh, Advisor to the President of the Council Mustafa Abdul Jalil told AFP, “The rebels have refused to announce the arrest Mu’tasim Gaddafi before he is being transferred to the city of Benghazi, fearing an attempt to kill him.”

On Tuesday, Gaddafi’s son tried to flee Sirte in a car with the family. He was transferred to Benghazi on Wednesday morning where he was questioned.

The news led to celebrations Tripoli, which saw firing in the air from all types of weapons.

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