Pak-US-Afghan talks postponed due to cabinet reshuffling, not Davis case


A US embassy spokesperson on Tuesday said that the Pak-US-Afghan trilateral talks have been postponed due to cabinet reshuffling in Islamabad, not because of Raymond Davis case, as has been widely reported.

The three-party meeting between the US, Pakistan and Afghanistan was postponed due to cabinet reshuffle in Islamabad, said the acting spokesperson of US Embassy Courtney Beale while talking to media. She said that relations between Pakistan and US are very important for the security of the region.

It has been reported that for Pakistan’s reluctance to release Raymond Davis, the US has halted all bilateral contacts with Islamabad.

Davis, an American diplomat, is being held in Lahore for killing three Pakistani citizens. The US insists that he should be granted diplomatic immunity for he is a diplomat. However, Pakistan has said that the case will be determined by the court.

The Davis case has created friction within the ruling party members and officials. It is being said that former Foreign Minister Shah Mehmoud Qureshi has been replaced as the foreign minister of Pakistan for not granting Davis diplomatic status, as being demanded by the US.


KUNA is the Kuwait News Agency

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