Taliban Statement On Victory of the Popular Uprising in Egypt


By Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (Taliban)

The more than two-week long popular uprising in Egypt, at last, compelled Hosni Mubarak, ruler of that country, to step down by ceding to the basic condition of the protesters.

He was at the helms of affairs of the Egyptian government for the last thirty years and had been enjoying all-sided American and Israeli assistance in financial, political and intelligence fields. However, ground realities established (once more) that an arsenal of weapons, huge army and foreign support is no guarantee for continuation of power; nor can they prevent the caravan of the aspirations of the people from forging ahead. Whenever, the patience of the people overwhelms its brims, it is set to lead its way as a strong tide.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan prays to the Almighty Allah to grant further success to the Egyptian people like the victory of the historical uprising which they have already attained, so that they will succeed in establishing a real, independent and Islamic government and foil conspiracies of the foreign enemies. Though the uprisings of the Egyptian people have reached its destination of victory but the real phase of trial has just began. The Egyptian people must use these crucial moments to their advantage and carve out a new political life and direction as a Muslin nation. The developments in Egypt have a clear message for the invading Americans and their surrogates in Afghanistan, unveiling that:

1. Your use of advanced weapons, destruction of orchards and houses and filling prisons with free people does not contribute to your continuation of authority. The atrocities that you commit against the Afghan people today will soon usher in a revolution and the vessel of your arrogance will drown surely following inception of a popular uprising, if God willing.

2. You are intending to establish a colonialist system in this 21st century. This is an adventure being both against the aspirations of the people and the time. You will never succeed in your wicked (ambitious) plan in this juncture of history. The time and people both are against you.

3. The two-faced America urges peaceful transition of regime in Egypt but in reaction to self-same popular demands in Afghanistan, they bombard villages; turn wedding ceremonies and other festivities into scenes of mourning; martyr innocent Afghans in the stillness of night while being fast asleep. All these are being committed (against them) because the Afghans demand their legitimate rights. What face and conscience remain to Americans to make show of their democracy and liberty while they have themselves unleashed a river of blood in Afghanistan under the empty and fatuous slogan of democracy!

4. The stooge Kabul Administration has taken now the shape of a mafia state. Government vehicles are used for drug trafficking and wealth have been accumulated in hands of a few pro-American sycophants. This inequity will pave the way for the inception of a popular revolution, and will eradicate this tenure of tyranny and atrocity through a comprehensive revolutionary movement.

5. For almost the last decade, you have fought against the Afghan Mujahid people with all your power but you gained nothing except humiliation, financial crisis and a spine-breaking load of debts. Do you think you will be able to bring Afghanistan under your belly so smoothly? Or otherwise, you will be buried in this graveyard of the empires as a result of the inundating tides of a popular uprising.

6. We tell the rulers of the White House and Pentagon how long would you be able to create mounds [obstacles] in the way of the aspirations of the masses through launching fraudulent elections, meaningless conferences, hatching conspiracies and rearing qualm less surrogates and continue your colonialist policy interminably? How long would you be able to hide your life and equipment losses from the eyes of your people? Have you forgotten the financial melt-down in America during last year? Is the nearly $1.5 trillion budget deficit not a sign of your imminent downfall?

7. Almost 24 hours had not passed after the resignation of Hosni Mubarak, that some American rulers and the Time publication started pointing to him with insulting remarks. We remind the present rulers of the Kabul incumbent Administration that the American colonialism do use you against your people today and give you tapping on your back but tomorrow, these same invaders will call you murderers of humanity and traitors. They will clean their blood-stained and soiled hands with your clothes. Now it is high time; come to yourselves; abandon slavery of foreigners and choose the way of your people.

8. All people of Afghanistan must be cautious in these crucial moments at the current juncture of time and be on guard against all subversive plans and conspiracies of the enemies of Islam and the country. Give hands of brotherhood to each other against the Western colonialism, injustice, atrocities, brutality, corruption and the western culture of nakedness; move forward like a solid-cemented wall in the direction of popular Islamic revolution!

The Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate are at your service and side. We believe, the (final) victory is ours. The enemy will happen to become debased and humiliated, if God willing.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

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