Pakistan Awaits Outcome Of General Elections – OpEd


In a resounding display of national dedication towards participation, competitiveness, and democratic values, Pakistan’s 2024 General Elections have inscribed into the country’s political fabric. The political climate is conducive in a manner that democratic principles not only have persisted but thrived. The state has played a critical role in ensuring a peaceful and conducive environment for voting, protecting its citizens’ right to vote, without intimidation or fear.

One notable aspect of the security measures implemented during the elections was the temporary cessation of mobile services. This seemingly severe measure, however, was a strategic one, intended at countering possible dangers posed to Pakistan during this democratic practice. Just a days before voting, the country braved out five bombings incidents that were aimed at causing chaos and terror.

Nonetheless, the people’s unwavering determination prevailed, showing a shared commitment wards to sustaining the democratic process. The areas of concern, which included Peshawar, Lahore, Dera Ismael Khan, and certain cities Balochistan cities, were recognized as important hotspots for possible terrorist threats. The decision to suspend mobile services was not random, but rather a deliberate response to the current security challenges in certain locations. Recognizing the previous use of mobile phones as instruments in terrorist operations, the Government’s careful consideration, sought to protect the integrity of the democratic process. It is critical that the public understands the severity of security issues in high threat areas and refrains from inciting controversy over the temporary suspension of mobile services. 

Caretaker Prime Minister, in a press statement expressed satisfaction on security situation across the country during polling, “I announce with immense satisfaction that the overall security situation across the country was kept generally stable to ensure the peaceful conduct of free and fair elections. I acknowledge the unwavering dedication and professionalism of our security forces, law enforcement agencies (LEAs), and Police personnel. These forces were deployed extensively and in large numbers, ensuring the smooth conduct of the electoral process, which is a testament to their commitment to democracy and the people of Pakistan”.

The Media wing of Armed forces – ISPR in a separate press release on Feb 8, congratulated the nation for peacefully exercising their democratic rights and praised the efforts made by security forces, “We extend heartfelt congratulations to the nation on the generally peaceful and violence-free conduct of the general elections. The Armed Forces alongside other LEAs are proud to have played a pivotal role in providing security during the conduct of the sacred electoral process, in aid of civil power, and in accordance with the constitution of Pakistan”.

The orderly end of the elections and ongoing counting of ballots demonstrates the effectiveness of state security measures. At this critical time, the people have to embrace the democratic spirit and completely accept the polling results. The ultimate goal is a firm commitment to the values of free and fair elections, creating an atmosphere in which the people’s voice resonates and is fully honoured.

The 2024 General Elections in Pakistan stand out as a light, reflecting the country’s commitment to participation, security, and democratic principles. The demonstrated resilience in the face of security issues, as well as the competent execution of measures such as the temporary suspension of internet and mobile services, highlights the critical necessity of maintaining a peaceful and safe voting process. As the final judgements on victory are rendered, voters are asked to respect the spirit of democracy by embracing the polling results with grace, solidarity, and an unflinching dedication to the ideals that characterize Pakistan’s democratic path.

Sarah Saeed

Sarah Saeed is currently working with an Islamabad based think tank. Her area of interest is South Asian strategic and security issues.

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