Morocco: The Istiqlal Resolution On Separatism Unanimously Adopted By The IDC-CDI – OpEd


The Centrist Democrat International (CDI-IDC) convened its executive meeting and General Assembly in Marrakesh, Morocco, on April 12 and 13, upon the invitation of the Istiqlal Party. During this two-day gathering, the CDI-IDC adopted several significant resolutions, including one proposed by the Moroccan Istqlal party, which strongly denounced separatism on a global scale.

In recent years, the global stage has been marked by a surge in separatist movements, ranging from Catalonia to Kashmir and from Hong Kong to Scotland. These movements, fueled by diverse grievances and aspirations, have captured significant attention, signaling potential years of political turbulence and simmering tensions. The specter of violence looms ominously over the outcomes of these movements, prompting the world to brace itself for the uncertain trajectories they may take.

Furthermore, Africa has witnessed a troubling increase in both separatist movements and terrorist activities, posing significant threats to the continent’s peace, stability, and development.

Acknowledging the critical role as an international organization committed to upholding democratic values and promoting peace and stability, the CDI-IDC issues a strong condemnation of separatism as a severe threat to national sovereignty and democratic principles. The organization expresses concerns about external interference in the internal affairs of nations and recognizes separatism as a catalyst for violence and instability, impacting various aspects of society, including politics, economics, social dynamics, and legal frameworks.

Additionally, the CDI-IDC acknowledges the detrimental impact of separatist movements and terrorist groups on the stability of countries and the hindrance they pose to peace and regional integration in Africa. The organization condemns countries and organizations providing support, shelter, financing, and armament to separatist movements and associated terrorist groups, emphasizing that such actions exacerbate tensions and threaten regional stability and international peace and security.

In response to these challenges, the CDI-IDC calls upon the international community to unify efforts across the African continent, at national, subregional, and regional levels, to combat the threats posed by separatism and terrorism. Collective action is deemed essential to effectively address these challenges and promote peace and stability.

Furthermore, the organization urges prompt and intensive mobilization by the international community to prevent and combat separatist and terrorist activities. Swift action is deemed necessary to neutralize these groups and safeguard regional and international peace and security.

Emphasizing the importance of inclusive governance, dialogue, and accountability in addressing grievances and fostering peace in Africa, the CDI-IDC highlights that sustainable solutions require the active participation of diverse stakeholders to build trust and promote social cohesion.

The efforts led by Morocco, under the leadership of King Mohammed VI, to advance multilateral action against separatism and terrorism are welcomed by the CDI-IDC. Morocco’s commitment to peace, solidarity, and regional integration in Africa serves as a commendable example for promoting stability and cooperation.

In conclusion, the CDI-IDC reaffirms its dedication to defending the principles of peace, stability, and humanity. The organization pledges to work collaboratively with its members and partners to address the challenges posed by separatism and terrorism in Africa and beyond, emphasizing the importance of collective action and international cooperation in achieving lasting peace and security.

Said Temsamani

Said Temsamani is a Moroccan political observer and consultant, who follows events in his country and across North Africa. He is a member of Washington Press Club.

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