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Ron Paul To Stop Spending Money On Primaries


By Rob Sachs


In an email to supporters, presidential candidate Ron Paul said he would no longer actively campaign in states that have not yet held the republican presidential primaries.

To do so, he said, would take many tens of millions of dollars his campaign does not have.

He vowed to continue pursuing a “delegate strategy” ahead of the Republican National Convention in Tampa for the summer.

Mitt Romney has been campaigning as the presumptive GOP standard-bearer even though he is short of 1144 delegates needed to win the nomination outright.

As of today Romney has 966 delegates and Paul has 104 according to the Associated Press tally.


Nebraska and Oregon hold presidential primaries tomorrow.

There are 11 more primaries or caucuses on the presidential calendar, which officially ends on June 26 when Utah voters go to the polls.


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