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By Tim Donner*

With anti-Trump forces celebrating the latest indictment of the 45th president, Bill Barr eagerly weighed in on Sunday’s Swamp TV, commonly known as ABC’s This Week hosted by Bill Clinton’s former top advisor, with his view that Donald Trump is “toast.” Employing such curiously non-prosecutorial – some would say unprofessional – language transparently designed to generate headlines in legacy media – “now even his own AG knows he’s going to prison …” – the words of Trump’s one-time attorney general rang out across the internet.

Of course, the indictment came just as the Biden bribery scandal is gaining steam en route to some sort of critical mass. And that is just the latest tentacle in the unmasking of the Biden family financial spider web. We have already been privy to a credible assemblage of evidence of influence-peddling by the Bidens, most prominently revealed in the creation of some 16 shell companies that served exclusively to accept and allegedly conceal more than ten million dollars in cash from foreign sources, primarily China, in return for … nothing – no products, services, or even attempts to shield the entirely one-sided nature of the transactions – while lining the pockets of the Biden family. Those who argue the timing of Trump’s indictment had nothing to do with the growing scandals surrounding his successor and opponent are living in a fantasy world.

Donald Trump: Victim or Villain?

Unlike the many roadblocks constructed by the ruling elite in the path of the previous Special Counsel John Durham, there were no barriers preventing Special Counsel Jack Smith from, as they say in another branch of government, the swift completion of his appointed rounds. His job was to get Trump and get him quickly by whatever means might present themselves. And that begs a fundamental question about the obvious double standard baked into the permanent bureaucracy. How exactly is it that Smith’s investigation produced 37 criminal counts in less than seven months – and conveniently in plenty of time to bury and even imprison Joe Biden’s political enemy in his upcoming presidential campaign – when John Durham’s report examining transparent malfeasance on the left and the ruling establishment took four years – eight times as long – and was finally released when it no longer mattered? Were the voters of 2020 entitled to at least a preliminary set of findings about a three-year-long Russia collusion hoax crippling a presidential administration, like the voters in 2024 who have now been fed enough negative information and propaganda about Trump to sink a battleship?

If Trump holds his commanding lead and wins the Republican presidential nomination, the 2024 election will come down to a series of excruciatingly difficult choices for an electorate drowning in an eight-year-long assault on Trump by elite media whose credibility has been worn down to the nub. On one side we have the defiant former president, still generating headlines at record levels as he is accused of everything short of blowing up the World Trade Center. On the other side, we have the oldest sitting president in American history who presents as even more elderly than his advanced years, trying to stave off accusations of bribery and influence-peddling amidst a weakening, inflation-tarred economy – and whose approval has fallen to unelectable levels. Which will voters see as the bigger threat to their safety and security?

More precisely, in an unrelentingly negative, lesser-of-two-evils election between a couple of candidates whom a majority of Americans have said they prefer not to run, which scares them more, the man accused of being too strong, or the one who is seen as too weak? Who are they to believe, the side that has consistently cried wolf but could possibly be talking about a real wolf this time, or the side that has been so often, spectacularly and falsely accused by the federal government in all its forms – i.e., the iron pentagon of politicians, media, academia, the intelligence community, and federal law enforcement – that the cry of witch hunt rings increasingly true?

The GOP rank-and-file expresses little doubt about the motives behind the latest indictment. “Republican primary voters say they’re far more concerned that Trump’s indictment is politically motivated than his alleged conduct being a national security risk,” concludes CBS News following its latest poll in which Trump continues to enjoy an enormous lead in the Republican primary. The question is the extent to which the rest of the electorate agrees.

Jack Smith has already proven to be a far more effective prosecutor than the hapless Robert Mueller or in-over-his-head Alvin Bragg. Most credible legal analysts agree that, unlike Mueller’s trip to Nowhere Isle and Bragg’s case ginned up out of whole cloth, these charges brought against Trump by the federal government represent a genuine threat, a clear and present danger to the man. Of course, Trump’s enemies have been certain of his imminent demise so many times in the last eight years that we have lost count. Will the Donald do what he does best and silence the gleeful eulogists one more time?

*About the author: Tim Donner is Senior Political Analyst at Tim is a radio talk show host, former candidate for the U.S. Senate, and longtime entrepreneur, Conservatarian policy advocate, and broadcast journalist. He is Founder and President of One Generation Away, LN’s parent organization.

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