Sustainable Development Impact Meetings 2023 To Accelerate Multistakeholder Momentum On SDGs


More than 1,000 business leaders, policy-makers, leaders from international and civil society organizations, innovators and social entrepreneurs from more than 60 communities will meet in New York for the World Economic Forum’s Sustainable Development Impact Meetings to advance progress towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

With the world facing a challenging economy, geopolitical tensions, and the deepening effects of the climate and nature crises, achieving the SDG targets set out in 2015 are currently not on track. According to the UN, progress on more than 50% of the targets is weak, stalled, or backsliding. The private and civil sectors must play a key role, alongside governments, in supporting and accelerating sustainable development.

“In order to achieve the SDG targets by 2030, significant innovative efforts are still required”, said Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum. “Through the Sustainable Development Impact Meetings, which bring together governments, business and civil society, we aim to make a tangible contribution for creating a more sustainable, inclusive and resilient world”.

Participants will convene in person and engage in a series of carefully curated discussions to advance the communities’ work on specific areas of the 17 SDGs. The robust programme includes key areas such as accelerating the reskilling revolution, harnessing artificial intelligence (AI) for better jobs, improving access to nutrition, advancing the energy transition, responding to the climate and nature crises, supporting the social economy, advancing gender equality, and promoting digital and data-driven health.

The meetings will inform the next steps of key initiatives such as the First Movers Coalition, the Edison Alliance and the Reskilling Revolution, as well as see the launch of new coalitions on food security and investment in frontier markets ahead of the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2024 in January in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland.

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