Sri Lanka: Sirisena Says ‘Get Together To Serve Country, Irrespective Of Political Divisions’


Sri Lanka’s President Maithripala Sirisena invited university lecturers to get together with commitment to serve the country with their knowledge, understanding and professional experience, irrespective of political divisions.

Sirisena made this appeal during a special meeting he had with university lecturers yesterday (Oct. 13) at the President’s Official Residence. The meeting was organized with the aim of obtaining the assistance of university lecturers for the national development.

“If anybody in the current government is engaged in fraud, corruption or indiscretion, I will take any action against them”, Sirisena emphasized.

Sirisena further invited them to contribute the way forward which demonstrates specific characteristics of a government based on Good Governance. “Every attempt by the new government is not for private expectations, but for fulfilling of common aspirations”, Sirisena said.

The President said this is the best time to employ the knowledge gained as intellectuals, for the benefit of the country. Sirisena pointed out the ability to contribute the national development program through the engagement with researches required by the country, adding of new knowledge and implementation of policies.

The University lecturers expressed their appreciation for holding this meeting, paying respect for their knowledge, experience and professional maturity. They also stated they would do their best to bring the victory to the good governance program carried out by the current government.

One thought on “Sri Lanka: Sirisena Says ‘Get Together To Serve Country, Irrespective Of Political Divisions’

  • October 22, 2015 at 4:41 pm

    Sri Lankan government must acknowledge that denial of human rights, fundamental rights, use of state terrorism against Tamils, race riots, discrimination, Sinhala Buddhist Monks instigation of violence against the Tamils, state sponsored colonization of Sinhalese in Tamil areas and there are several anti-Tamil activities that led to the creation of the LTTE that was supported by Indra Gandhi, MGR and progressive leaders as everyone felt LLTE struggle was a legitimate to win the Tamils’ rights. Now the world knows as well as the Sinhala Judge who was appointed by the previous Rajapakse regime confirmed that war crimes and mass human rights abuses committed by the Sri Lankan Sinhala Buddhist forces against the Tamils including practice of Sinhala Buddhist Apartheid policies, thousands of forced disappearances, cold blooded murders and genocide committed by the Sinhala Buddhist forces and recommended an International investigation with foreign Judges;
    Why would the Eelam Tamils be at the receiving end? After Indtra Gandhi, successive Indian regimes failed miserably in their moral and ethical values to stand firm on law and order, Justice, R2P. What does it show about the current Indian leaders to the world? As India failed, the US brought a UNHRC resolution against Sri Lanka that the government sponsored it that is an acknowledgement of heinous crimes committed. Now all accept the Channel 4 “Sri Lanka’s Killing fields” documentary that the Indian government denied to be screened in India. Is India a democratic country that denies free speech and media?
    Real peace only be achieved by two state solution as it was prior to Western colonisation.


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