Iran’s Lame ‘Retaliation’ Makes It Worse For Gaza – OpEd


The Iranian wave of air attacks against Israel was in the end a damp squib. It has to be said. Virtually all the 300 incoming warheads were shot down by Israel’s air defense systems.

But the seeming “success” of Israeli air defenses was not down to the technological brilliance of the U.S.-supplied missile intercept systems. It was down to the fact that Iran had quietly given a heads-up on what was coming. That may seem preposterous. What? Working with the Great Satan and the Zionist Entity?

Well, that’s what it does seem.

It seems that Iran got to release its fury over the deadly Israeli air strike on its Consulate in Damascus on April 1. That may take the pressure off the Iranian leadership from popular anger over Israel’s murderous provocations.

But the limp display of retaliation could make the genocide in Gaza even more appalling.

The weekend outpouring of support for Israel from the United States and European leaders is cringeworthy. In the aftermath of the Iranian ballistic missile and drone assaults on Israel, all Western politicians and diplomats are declaring their renewed solidarity with the Zionist regime and extolling its “right to self-defense”.

The United States, Canada, Japan, the G7, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and so on, have all rushed to valorize Israel and excoriate Iran.

Iran is roundly condemned for aggression against Israel and for “recklessly destabilizing” the region. How bizarre and disgraceful is that?

Israel is committing all-out genocide in Gaza with impunity and has for the past six months stepped up its attacks on Syria and Lebanon, killing civilians as well as dozens of Iranian officials based in the countries, some of them senior commanders. Israel brazenly carried out an egregious act of aggression by bombing the Iranian Consulate in Damascus killing a top Iranian military general. And yet when Iran responds as it did at the weekend with air strikes on Israel – as it is fully entitled to do under international laws of self-defense – the entire Western official position is to condemn and vilify Iran.

No Western response has mentioned the initial crime by Israel violating Iran’s sovereignty.

Washington is now stepping up calls for Congress to pass the supplemental military aid bill that will grant Israel some $14 billion in additional military support, as well as send $61 billion to the Ukrainian regime.

Deplorably, the latest Iranian action is allowing the Western media focus to shift away from the horrific crimes of Israel in Gaza. Incredibly, the genocidal Zionist regime is being presented as the “victim” of Iranian state terrorism and is being allowed to intensify its mass murder of Palestinian women and children.

Iran’s supposed retaliation for Israel’s aggression seems to have been coordinated well in advance with the Americans to minimize damage. Tehran had told Washington it did not want escalation and appeared to give assurances that its military action would be minimal. Washington likewise signaled it did not want escalation, which is a huge oxymoron given all the violence the U.S. has enabled Israel to inflict.

It seems the United States had up to 72 hours’ notice from the Iranian leadership about the much-anticipated air strikes on Israeli territory. That would have given Israel plenty of time to ready its air defense system to ensure maximum interception of attacks.

The vociferous condemnations of Iran by the United States and its European allies appear to be more earnest pandering to Israel and emboldening its psychopathic persecution complex. The Western states will appease the Zionist regime even more with increased military and political support to do its worst in Gaza. Pity the starving Palestinians under relentless indiscriminate bombardment.

Iran’s self-defense attack on Israel was not an evening of scores. Far from it. Yes, it constituted a new threshold of being the first time that Iran directly targeted Israeli territory. Some would say it was about time, given the many times Israel has violated Iran’s sovereignty over many years. But despite the bravado talk about a “historic attack”, the damage inflicted by Iran was minimal and, what’s more, stage-managed to be minimal in a cynical shadow game with the United States and its Israeli client.

Hawkish voices in the U.S. like John Bolton and Israel are calling for Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu to now order attacks on Iran.

There’s no need for Israel to “get even” again. It has been killing Iranian military officers and nuclear scientists with impunity, and Tehran has done effectively nothing.

The lame air strikes by Iran will have done nothing to impose a balance of deterrence. Israel and its Western sponsors will continue to commit genocide against Palestinians with even more disgusting gusto.

Iran would have been better to have held off altogether than to have done his half-hearted stunt. At least then the popular international opprobrium against Israel and its Western enablers would have continued to build. As it is, now the focus is diverted from the genocidal Israeli-Western axis and is on condemning Iran for aggression, even though the “aggression” was nothing of the sort.

Iran’s air attacks amounted to a fireworks display that did nothing to restore justice or help the Palestinians. Ironically, it will increase regional instability, because the lack of seriousness emboldens the Western-Zionist state terrorism even more.

Tehran refers to the United States as the Great Satan. After this debacle, Iran’s leadership runs the risk of being mocked as the Great Pretender.

This article was published at Strategic Culture

Finian Cunningham

Finian Cunningham has written extensively on international affairs, with articles published in several languages. He is a Master’s graduate in Agricultural Chemistry and worked as a scientific editor for the Royal Society of Chemistry, Cambridge, England, before pursuing a career in newspaper journalism.

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