President-Elect Rohani Addresses Iranians


Iranian president-elect Hassan Rohani has told Iranians: “I will remain faithful to the promises I made to you.”

ISNA reports that the winner of the presidential race announced to the public: “This is the victory of wisdom, the victory of moderation, the victory of growth and awareness, the victory of religious commitment over extremism and harshness.”

Rohani also recognized the pivotal part that Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani and Mohammad Khatami played in his victory.

He told the people: “You are the victors in this election; you with your belief in your rights and your trust in a democratic religious system, you took a firm leap on the path of respect, national interests and responsible administration based on moderation, reform and good measure.”

Rohani added: “You revealed that the almighty will not realize change and progress in a nation without their own will….I congratulate every member of our honest and benevolent nation: men and women, old and young, whether inside or outside the country, from all ethnicities and faiths for this proud victory.”

Rohani won over fifty percent of the votes in yesterday’s election well ahead of the first runner up and all other candidates.

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