Sri Lanka: Sirisena Says Elections Most Peaceful In Nation’s History


Delivering a special statement on Monday following the close of polling for the General Election 2015, Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena stated that to his knowledge the election which concluded today was the most peaceful in the country’s entire history of holding parliamentary polls since 1947.

It is indisputable, Sirisena added.

“I do believe that conducting this election in a peaceful environment was a result of the good governance established through changes and transformations effected since taking up appointment as the President of this country six months ago,” Sirisena said.

President Sirisena said when comparing this election with the pre-election atmosphere and the day of the Presidential Election he contested on January 8, there are vast differences. During the January 8 election, there were many major incidents in several areas in the country including attacking and burning of a stage at Baddegama area, firing incidents in Polonnaruwa district and also killings in Nivithigala area.

He pointed out that the main lesson we should learn from this is that such a peaceful election is the result of the head of state acting in a neutral manner during election campaigning.

Sirisena further said that during this election as he did not use Presidential powers, the Election Commissioner and his officers, IGP and all officers of the Police Department, Officers engaged in election duty from the day nominations were given were able to apply their authority in a consistent and fair manner.

President Sirisena appealed to the people to enjoy the election results irrespective of party differences in a calm and peaceful manner without any incidents of post-election violence.

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