Use Of Word ‘Woke’ To Describe Annoying Abusers Of Equity Is Ultimate Gaslight By Deep State Oligarchy – OpEd


The fact that Big Media has taken to use the word “woke” to describe and define those people who frivolously or falsely claim victim hood status in an otherwise oppressive society on many levels and fronts is the ultimate “gaslighting” of those Americans (and people of the world) who legitimately can complain about being crushed under the wheels of the Global Oligarchy/Communist government merger currently taking place all over the world.

Ths truth of the matter is, being “woke,” or “awake,” should intuitively mean someone who has now become aware of, and cognizant to, the formerly hidden and invisible Deep State, their machinations and manipulations behind the scenes in order to further enrich and strengthen themselves at the expense of the worlds’ people and masses.

To be “awake” when it comes to these Deep State criminal conspirators is obviously on its face, a good thing, but Big Media (working hand in hand with Big Tech), which has been proven over the past 10 years to be funded and run by the Deep State, has made the term pejorative, negative, and insulting as a moniker.

This is classic “gaslighting,” which the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines as “psychological manipulation of a person usually over an extended period of time that causes the victim to question the validity of their own thoughts, perception of reality, or memories and typically leads to confusion, loss of confidence and self-esteem, uncertainty of one’s emotional or mental stability, and a dependency on the perpetrator.”

In other words, the now mainstream use of the word “Woke” to describe people who analyze, point out, identify, and then share with their fellow human beings the hitherto hidden and criminal behavior of our global elites, is a successful psychological operation to make these people the new “conspiracy theorist,” another nasty term which was actually discovered to have first been coined and introduced by, guess who? 

The American Central Intelligence Agency is probably one of the largest components of the proverbial “Deep State.”

So the next time you hear some dim-wit on the major media, or one of the many controlled politicians whoring themselves out to the Oligarchy as the “Peoples’ Candidate” use that term to lambast and insult those heroic Americans and global citizenry who expose and publish such Deep State activity, think of this article, and recalibrate your opinion of that speaker.

Rahul Manchanda

Rahul D. Manchanda, Esq, was ranked among Top Attorneys in the United States by Newsweek Magazine in 2012 and 2013. Manchanda worked for one of the largest law firms in Manhattan where he focused on asbestos litigation. At the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (“UNCITRAL”) in Vienna, Austria, Mr. Manchanda was exposed to international trade law, arbitration, alternative dispute resolution, and comparisons of the American common law with European civil law.

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