BG confirms New light oil well in western Tupi area, offshore Brazil


BG confirmed Thursday that the eleventh well on the BM-S-11 concession in the Santos Basin, offshore Brazil, was successful.

The well, designated as 3-BRSA-865A-RJS (3-RJS-677A) and informally known as Tupi W, was drilled at a water depth of 2 139 metres, approximately 275 kilometres off the coast of Rio de Janeiro State, and 11 kilometres northwest of the original Tupi discovery well.

Oil samples taken during wireline tests in well 3-RJS-677A confirmed the presence of a light oil accumulation (approximately 28° API). The well encountered a 90-metre reservoir section on the western flank of Tupi helping further delineate the size and quality of the field. Further testing will now be conducted on the 3-RJS-677A well and if those results confirm the initial productivity data, the consortium will consider the allocation of a Floating Production, Storage and Offloading vessel to the west area of Tupi.

“The information obtained from this well adds further certainty to our recoverable reserve and resource estimates for the Tupi field,” BG said.

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