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Syria Vows To Respect Truce As More Deaths Reported


The Syrian Foreign Minister Wallid al Mouallem on Wednesday pledged in Beijing that Damascus will comply with the requirements of the peace plan by Kofi Annan, including the cease-fire of the armed forces. “The Syrian Foreign Minister Wallid al Mouallem has ensured that Syria would continue to respect and implement the six-point plan of Mr. Annan,” said Chinese Minister of Affairs Foreign Yang Jiechi.

On the ground, the Syrian army resumed Wednesday its bombing of rebel areas in Homs, reported opposition activists. This attack comes despite the third day of the mission of international observers in the country. On Tuesday, at least 15 civilians were killed, according to a Syrian NGO.

“The districts of al-Jourat Shayah and al-Qarabis are bombarded. There is heavy gunfire and a reconnaissance aircraft flying over the city,” said the local Coordinating Committees (LCC). The bombing has also targeted the neighborhoods of Khaldiye and Bayada, where heavy explosions were heard, added the LCC.

The UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon for his part spoke about the need for full support for the mission as currently it is “not sufficient under the current situation and the size of the country”. The United Nations will ask the EU to provide helicopters and planes to facilitate the movement of the mission members. The international body will formally propose this Wednesday to the Security Council. Nevertheless, it is not certain that President Bashar al Assad’s regime allow sending more UN monitors and foreign aircraft.

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