Mussolini Wins In Istanbul Conference; Right To Colonize Libya Reasserted – OpEd


When the façade crumbled Friday, the face of Benito Mussolini was visible to the world.

It eerily resembled Hillary Clinton.

In the Fourth Contact Group Meeting in Istanbul on 15 Jul, the USA and 29 of its toadies recognized the Transition National Council (TNC) – an impressive name for the armed thugs and rapist – as the legitimate government of Libya.

Actually, there is hardly any surprise in this most fascist of all assaults on the hapless people of Libya.

First, it was believed that Qaddafi could be brought down merely by arming and financing the rebels. When that failed, no fly zone was imposed, blocking all humanitarian cargo to the Libyan people and allowing unlimited quantities of arms and ammunitions to the rebels.

When that too failed, NATO started indiscriminate bombing of Libya. In doing so it greatly overestimated itself and underestimated Qaddafi.

Now that the war on Libya, building on the accumulated baggage of misadventure in Afghanistan, has brought NATO to the brink, there is suddenly the rush to recognize TNC as the legitimate government of Libya, the group whose crimes against humanity are already well documented.

The sad fact is that the crumpling of NATO, the disintegration of Euro Zone and the economic collapse of several NATO members is inevitable. Recognizing the TNC or liquidating Qaddafi would merely be the footnotes in the history that is in the making.

Under the similar circumstances, Mussolini would have done exactly the same thing.

Fascists, as we know, believe that armed conflict brings positive transformation to the society and creates national comradeship. Fascists also promote paramilitary organizations (such as TNC in Libya) to violently attack their opponents and bring down the sitting government.

Fascism, founded by the Italian National Syndcalists during the WWI, is alive and well in Washington and Brussels (and by extension, Rome, Paris and London). The outcome of the Istanbul conference this Friday further confirms what was known already.

Even though everyone knows it, let’s just recall for the sake of sanity that the fascist concept of ‘New Man’ and ‘New State’ was born during the Italian conquest of Libya in 1912 to justify expansionism.

By 1920, this ideology had matured to assert that Italians were a superior race to the Africans and had the right to colonize the ‘inferior’ African races. This ideology was used to rationalize the aggressive military campaign against Libya, mass killings of civilians, and forced starvation of thousands, exactly what is being done today.

Mussolini finally rests in peace; soothed by the fact that his legacy lives on.

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