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Paigham-E-Pakistan Fatwa An Achievement For Whole Muslim Ummah – OpEd


Pakistan has been misguided for long time by the terrorists and their affiliates on to the righteousness of the government’s official position in the war on terror. Finally, the Paigham-e-Pakistan Fatwa has categorically refuted all the extremist ideologies that call for armed rebellion against the state and its institutions on the pretext of Shariah, sectarian differences and Jihad.


More than 5 thousand learned scholars of Islam, including renowned Muftis and heads of all the federations of madaris, prepared this Fatwa and its authenticity has been confirmed by all the Ulema making it a consensus of whole scholarship of Islam in Pakistan. As the Prophet (PBUH) has said that, “my nation will not collectively agree on wrong ,” the unanimity of Ulema for this Fatwa is an extraordinary achievement for Pakistan and the whole Muslim Ummah.

Some of the great religious personalities like lmam-e-Kaaba, Egyptian Grand Mufti and Mufti Taqi Usmani, who issued and endorsed this Fatwa, have been qualified Muftis for decades and their thousands of students are also leading Ulema in the Muslim World. In addition, the heads of federations of madaris have also been in this sacred job for many years. Therefore, the outlawed terrorist outfits like TTP’s disagreement with this Fatwa holds no substance.

The militants who silence everyone through oppression are totally ignorant of teachings of the Prophet (PBUH) and the four rightly guided Caliphs.

Therefore, in Paigham-e-Pakistan, it has been declared: “Those who impose their viewpoints by force are responsible for spreading mischief on earth (Fasad fil Arz).”

Terrorist groups like TTP fall in this category, hence, their propaganda should be rejected and they should be dealt as per law. After this Fatwa, there is no space left for exploitation of the concept of Jihad for committing suicide bombings in Pakistan. Islam is a universal religion, therefore, it is the utmost responsibility of every Muslim in Pakistan to safeguard Islam and Pakistan from hostile propaganda. Persuasion of our national narrative, Paigham-e-Pakistan, in its true manifestation is the only way forward for strengthening our national unity and security.


Combating and waging war is the prerogative of State. Any individual or group initiating such movement is against the teaching of Islam and commits a heinous crime punishable under ta’zir’.

*Shaikh Muhammad Bilal is a freelance journalist

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