Pakistan Says Militants Must Surrender Before Peace Talks


Pakistan Tuesday said that it will hold peace talks with only those Taliban insurgents who will first lay down their arms.

“The minimum agenda is that they give up arms and come forward and then there will be talks. But if they think they will keep Kalashnikovs in their hands and also hold talks, that will not happen,” said Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik while talking to reporters in Southwestern Quetta city.

The minister said that the government has received messages from extremist elements for reconciliation and dialogue. However, he stressed, the government will not engage in peace talks if militants did not surrender.

Minister Malik refused to further share details of the messages received from militants. The government in the past had been holding peace negotiations with Taliban militants in the bordering tribal belt and northern areas.

The military also signed peace deals but they all failed to yield expected results.


KUNA is the Kuwait News Agency

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