Iran To Meet The 4+1 Powers On Thursday For Nuclear Talks


 New on the social media and which has been literally buzzing with excitement, is Iran’s willingness to sit at the negotiating table with world powers again to examine its nuclear file.

Reports on the net state that Iranian negotiators are going to start this process on Thursday 21 October. Top official Ahmad Alirezabeigui said talks between Iran with the 4+1 Group that includes Britain, China, France and Russia along with Germany will be held in the Belgium capital of Brussels.

Alirezabeigui confirmed the dateline talks to the Iran Fars news agency after meeting the Tehran Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian in a closed session. The Iranians had previously said it is still reviewing previous rounds of negotiations.

The expected meeting brushes aside months of speculation and frustration with nuclear talks at a standstill since last June because of the handover to a new Iranian president in Tehran who won the presidential election in the country.

Ebrahim Raisi is known for his hardline views but he was expected to restart negotiations on the 2015 Iran deal which was meticulously negotiated with world powers but which Donald Trump practically scrapped when he took the United States out of the accord in 2018 that is officially known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

Many doubted that Iran would ever get back to the deal having taken years of negotiations not only with the Europeans but with the Barack Obama administration that finally sealed the agreement and slowed Iran’s ability to gain nuclear weapons through careful monitoring and which was agreeable to both sides.

Thursday’s meeting in Brussels will likely be the start of a long process of negotiations that may end up in Vienna which had hosted the talks that begun last April with the five-nation members including the United States that is expected to take a major part in the negotiations. But there is still the issue of sanctions which Iran still expects to be removed soon.

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