Spain Signs Agreement To Exchange Renewable Electricity Between Internal European Market And Morocco


Spain’s Minister for Energy, Tourism and the Digital Agenda, Álvaro Nadal, signed an agreement in Marrakesh with representatives from Morocco, Portugal, France and Germany to facilitate the exchange of electricity from renewable sources between Morocco and the Internal European Market by means of a gradual integration of electricity markets by the two parties.

At present, Morocco is only interconnected with the European Union through Spain and there is also a need to complete the internal energy market so as to eliminate obstacles preventing a greater exchange of electricity. The declaration includes creating a roadmap that will analyze the legal, technical, economic and environmental issues, etc., as well as the bottlenecks that currently limit the exchange of electricity between the two parties.

The goal is to reach an implementation agreement at COP 23 or in the near future, while bearing in mind the circumstances in each country.

In part, the signing of this declaration comes under the Government of Spain’s strategy to further develop the interconnection of the Spanish market. The declaration complements the efforts carried out in this regard to develop new Spanish interconnections with Europe, through France, that were previously reflected in the Madrid Declaration, the Spanish government said.

For Spain, these interconnections are key to reducing the cost of the electricity system, fostering the integration of more renewable generation and improving supply quality and security.

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