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Today Facebook reminded me that on 17th December 2011, I posted these questions: Do you believe that after taking an exit from Iraq, USA is trying to open new fronts? I also apprehended that some of the potential targets among Muslim countries could be Iran, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia and also posed a question does my assertions carry any weight?

When I posted this question about five years back, I didn’t have good knowledge of geopolitics in South Asia and MENA. If I look at 5-year history now, ongoing war in Syria and changed relationship of US with Saudi Arabia show that the world’s super power wants to keep war ongoing in this region. The US has not attacked Saudi Arabia but has caused it huge economic losses by bringing down crude oil price per barrel to less than US$35 from US$ 147. Even at present price is hovering around US$ 50 because of Saudi Arab led OPEC effort to cut output but US is taking full advantage of the prevailing situation.

If one looks at the US mania to topple Syrian President Assad, the only conclusion that could be drawn is US war mania. The history also shows that the US initiated war in various countries; an example of distant past is Vietnam and recent past are Afghanistan and Iraq.

The irony is that the US never accepts its defeat and never declares that war is over. It continues to support various rebel groups in war-torn countries and the most notorious examples are Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Libya.

One may wonder, why should the US initiate war? My reply is simple, it has to sell its arms and to conclude huge transactions first it creates rebel groups and then sells arms to the incumbent groups. The most notorious groups of present time supported by the US are Taliban and ISIS; other groups may also be working in different countries.

Kindly allow be to refer to Saudi Arabia that lately emerged as the biggest buyer of arms in the recent past. The US supported it by taking price of crude oil to US$147/barrel. In the meantime the US also increased its rig count to above 1900 to attain self sufficiency in indigenous crude production. To the viability of indigenous producers, the US funds plunged crude price to US$35/barrel.

The US not only caused huge economic losses to Saudi Arabia but has lately withheld supply of arms on the please that these are being used in Yemen. I may laugh at the US acts because over the years it was fully aware that arms were being used by Saudi Arabia in Yemen. It concluded the deals, took the money and now not honoring its commitments.

Shabbir H. Kazmi

Shabbir H. Kazmi is an economic analyst from Pakistan. He has been writing for local and foreign publications for about quarter of a century. He maintains the blog ‘Geo Politics in South Asia and MENA’. He can be contacted at [email protected]

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