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Iran: Green Movement Websites Offer Condolences Over Japan Earthquake


On behalf of the pro-democracy movement in Iran, a group of Green Movement websites have offered their sympathy and support to the people of Japan over the recent Tsunami waves triggered by a magnitude 9.0 earthquake in the country. The Japanese government said on Sunday that the number of people dead or missing as a result of Japan’s earthquake and tsunami nine days ago exceeded 20,000.


The tragic events in Japan have led to a public outpouring of grief and support across the globe including amongst the Iranian people.

The statement by fourteen opposition websites including the Green Voice of Freedom is as follows:

Alas, one week has passed since the devastating events of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. The people of Iran, along with the rest of the world, have stood witness to the distressing and unforgettable events of this natural disaster. We have all diligently followed the developments of this frightening situation with much grief and sadness with our hearts filled with hope and faith.

As such, the news agencies of the Green Movement together with Iranian people would like to declare their utmost and heartfelt sympathy and state the unwavering emotional and moral support for the courageous people of Japan. With absolute confidence in the bravery and unquestionable leadership of the competent people of Japan, we are certain that this great people, with patience and
tireless efforts towards rebuilding their society, will overcome these hard and dire days. The people of Iran have never forgotten your support and friendship after the destructive earthquakes in Iran in
1990 as well as the earthquake in Iran’s Bam region in 2004. Much the same, on the eve of Nowruz (the Iranian New Year), the Green Movement’s media outlets would like to declare their condolences to those who have lost their families and loved ones as well as the entire Japanese nation and, moreover, offer our unhindered support for those still standing courageously in aiding their comrades. We stand with you, lest you ever stand alone.

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GVF is The Green Voice of Freedom

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