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Yemen: President Saleh Dismisses Government


Yemen’s government has been dismissed amidst the ongoing upheaval within the country, reports local media.

The Presidential Decree No. 14 for 2011 was issued on Sunday stipulating the dismissal of the government of Prime Minister Ali Mujawar, reports state news agency SABA.


According to SABA, the decree also mandates the government to continue to conduct the “ordinary general affairs except appointment and discharge till forming the new government.”

Earlier Sunday, the cabinet, chaired by Prime Minister Ali Mujawar, held an extraordinary session to discuss the current situations and in particular the violence at the Sana’a University last Friday where a number of demonstrators were killed.

According to SABA, the cabinet condemned the attack, “noting keenness of the government to provide protection for the protesters to preserve the community pubic order.”

Additionally the cabinet “praised decision of President Ali Abdullah Saleh to announce those killed in the protests as martyrs of democracy and to compensate their families, in addition to treat the injured people at the cost of the government,” reported SABA.

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